Wild Bill’s Pawn Shops Working With Police

December 2, 2014


KTXS News Coverage Pawn Shops Working With Police

Click this link to view KTXS News Footage of Pawn Shops Working With Police

Wild Bill’s Pawn Shops in Abilene, Texas are working with Police to recover stolen property.  If it is stolen, WE DO NOT WANT IT!!!  Wild Bill’s Pawn reports every item that comes in on pawn or that is sold to a national database called Leadsonline.  All customers information that is included on their valid state or government issued ID is entered into our system along with a description of the item that is brought in.  This includes serial number, model number, type of item, and description.

Please help us help you.  Make a list of your valuable items.  Include serial numbers, model numbers, and descriptions of the items.  Take pictures and attach them to the list if possible.  This will not only help the police recover the items for you easier but will also help with any insurance claims you may have.

When you discover an item is stolen, report these items as stolen to your local police department.  Pawn shops can only release information about items to the law enforcement agencies.  Pawn shops are not able to give you direct information on items that are sold or pawned due to customer privacy laws.  All law enforcement agencies that are signed up with Leadsonline can access all of Wild Bill’s Pawn records digitally or can contact us and get the information.  If your local law enforcement agency is not aware of Leadsonline, please inform them.  We want to help you.

Wild Bill’s Pawn #1
1441 Butternut St.
Abilene, Texas 79602

Location E-mail: butternut@wildbillspawnshops.com
Company E-mail: contact@wildbillspawnshops.com


Wild Bill’s Pawn #2
1690 Ambler 

Abilene, Texas 79601

Location E-mail: ambler@wildbillspawnshops.com

Company E-mail: contact@wildbillspawnshops.com


Wild Bill’s Pawn #3
1919 South 1st
Abilene, Texas 79602

Location E-mail: south1st@wildbillspawnshops.com
Company E-mail: contact@wildbillspawnshops.com


Wild Bill’s Pawn #4
3117 S. Danville

Abilene, Texas 79605

Location E-mail: danville@wildbillspawnshops.com

Company E-mail: contact@wildbillspawnshops.com

Wild Bill’s Pawn Shops

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