Wild Bill’s Pawn Shops Abilene, TX – Shop Your Gold & Silver

February 18, 2012

#4 Danville Store

Wild Bills Pawnshops Gold & Silver Coins
Wild Bill’s Pawn Shops – Shop Your Gold & Silver

By now everyone is getting tired of hearing and seeing commercials on selling your gold and silver.  It is due to the dramatic increase in the price of gold and silver over the last few years which makes it very enticing to cash out. Before cashing out, Wild Bill’s Pawn ENCOURAGES you to shop around.  Notice how everyone seems to have in their advertisements that they pay “top dollar” or they pay “highest prices”?  Do not be fooled into believing this just because they run a commercial and say these things.  The gold and silver buyers in the local Abilene area seem to always mention not to take it to a pawn shop….hmmm, is there a reason for that?…..maybe because this pawnshop DOES offer more than they do.  We have sent our customers into local gold and silver buyers with a handful of gold and silver and gotten quotes from these buyers.  Their offers are by far less than what Wild Bill’s Pawn would offer.  Even the newest gold buyer in Abilene that claims to “cut out the middle man because they are a refiner” offered far less than what Wild Bill’s Pawn would have offered.  We are just letting you know, in your best interest, shop your gold and silver around.  Get quotes from a few different buyers.  Wild Bill’s Pawn also does something that gold and silver buyers are not able to do….LOAN you money on your gold and silver.  This will allow you to be able to get your treasured items back if you decide to do so.  Come visit Wild Bill’s Pawn and see what a difference a little shopping around will make……and That’s NO BULL!!!

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Wild Bill’s Pawn #1
1441 Butternut St.
Abilene, Texas 79602

Location E-mail: wildbillspawn1@yahoo.com
Company E-mail: wildbillspawn@gmail.com


Wild Bill’s Pawn #2
1690 Ambler 

Abilene, Texas 79601
Location E-mail: wildbillspawn2@yahoo.com
Company E-mail: wildbillspawn@gmail.com


Wild Bill’s Pawn #3
1919 South 1st
Abilene, Texas 79602

Location E-mail: wildbillspawn3@yahoo.com
Company E-mail: wildbillspawn@gmail.com



Wild Bill’s Pawn #4
3117 South Danville
Abilene, Texas 79605

325-692-PAWN (7296)

Location E-mail: wildbillspawn4@yahoo.com
Company E-mail: wildbillspawn@gmail.com


Wild Bill’s Pawn Shops

Wildest Deals in Town…and That’s NO BULL!!!!!


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